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128 BPM02:38
An intense, massively over the top, final stand. You have nothing to lose. A menacing string bass cues the ensuing onslaught. A percussive rise drops into a heavy, guitar-driven orchestral/rock hybrid section with swelling strings. Adrenaline courses through your body as the pounding of the drums echoes the pounding in your ears. A Dubstep/orchestral hybrid drop at :56 plays off heavy guitars and synths. A breakdown gives you a moment to breathe before building back up to an aggressively intense outro with guitar, orchestra, robotic synths and heavy percussion building to the end. Action - Dubstep, Suspense, Trailer, Sci-Fi, Epic, Thriller. 128 BPM. Full Mix.

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140 BPM02:21
The battle for your soul rages on as you fight against the forces of darkness. Heavy percussive action immediately carries you to your boiling point with larger than life guitars, screaming synths and a gritty industrial rock vibe. An unnerving breakdown lets you catch your breath before the final drive and orchestral rise. Low Dubstep elements, aggressive edit points and over the top synths that scream in your face, combine with heavy drums and guitar to redefine rock. Action - Dubstep, Suspense, Trailer, Sci-Fi, Epic, Thriller. 140 BPM. Full Mix.
75 BPM01:34
Vicious synth oscillations combine with violent guitars, extreme drumming, and wailing synth bends in this unique breakneck thriller. POI @ 0:11 Synth enters. POI @ 0:25 Deep bass downer. POI @ 0:28 Guitar and synth alarms enter. POI @ 0:44 Driving heavy guitars are interrupted by deep downers. POI @ 1:09 Glitchy cut to silence. POI @ 1:14 Thrilling build to the end. POI @ 1:23 Massive drum fill.
128 BPM02:35
The menacing string bass cues the moment for your final stand. Don't let anyone get in your way even if it means leaving behind the ones you love. A percussive rise drops into a heavy, guitar-driven orchestral/rock hybrid section with swelling strings. Adrenaline courses through your body as the pounding of the drums echoes the pounding in your ears. Action - Suspense, Trailer, Sci-Fi, Thriller. 128 BPM. Full Mix.
120 BPM02:27
Your fight or flight instinct kicks in and overpowers you. An industrial orchestral/rock hybrid passage with explosive percussive elements and primordial vocals gives way to an ear shrieking rise to oblivion. A constant build in momentum drops you into the depths of despair with an ethnic solo flute. A Dubstep influenced drop with heavy percussion and massive growling synths takes this track to a new level before leading you into a fast-paced, crazy percussion build. Action - Dubstep, Suspense, Trailer, Sci-Fi, Epic, Thriller. 120 BPM. Full Mix.
144 BPM01:48
Eclectic layers of unique percussion grooves support an aggressive blend of blazing synths, deep impacts, and disruptive FX. POI @ 0:11 Ticking percussion begins. POI @ 0:17 First deep impact. Texture thickens. POI @ 0:34 Cut to growing groove. POI @ 0:43 Slow riser to soft downer. POI @ 0:50 Massive full groove led by synth riffs. POI @ 1:18 Unique synth riser into glitchy interspersed hits and stabs POI @ 1:35 Percussive hits into growling bends, leading to final impact.
123 BPM02:09
A war is raging inside your mind as you battle against your own limitations. Low, aggressive Dubstep style synths play off of heavy guitar riffs. Orchestral rises and dissonant guitars fight against drumbeats and synths of massive proportion only to vanish into silence and return with exponentially more animosity and angst. Action - Dubstep, Suspense, Trailer, Sci-Fi, Epic, Thriller. 123 BPM. Full Mix.
90 BPM02:00
Termination is eminent and no lives will be spared. Growling sound design, racing percussion, and gnarly SFX plague this landscape.
115 BPM01:29
Gritty pulses and impacts blend with heavy drumming, rising to a strong finish. POI @ 0:22 Swell into main riff and driving groove. POI @ 0:40 Pulsing synths into massive downer. POI @ 0:43 Riser into driving groove with lead synth melody. POI @ 1:00 Wobbling electric riser. POI @ 1:05 Gritty synth melody over massive riser and huge impacts.
100 BPM01:14
A Rise from the Ashes track that would make even Robert Downey Jr. proud. Trailer/Promo piece with a strong dubstep-like beat and heavy distorted hits.
128 BPM01:36
Hardcore Electronic, Electronica, Dubstep. Swinging hammer banging beats and drilling stutter synth's get the job done. Huge full stomping beats drop like Thor's hammer at :35. Super hyper movements at 1:04. Meltdown at 1:17.
100 BPM01:14
Heavy rock with guitars & drums; Frightening ambience and evil screams; Intense, long rise. Drama - Horror, Fears. Full Mix.
90 BPM01:43
Blaring synth alarms, crushing percussion, and shredding drums and guitar are pushed to the edge in this electrifying thriller. POI @ 0:10 Searing synth enters. POI @ 0:21 Monstrous downer. POI @ 0:23 Alarms cry over heavy percussion. POI @ 0:45 Guitar rhythms enter. POI @ 0:52 Drums and main guitar groove begin. POI @ 1:17 Heavy downer. POI @ 1:24 Recap of main groove, driving to the end.
120 BPM01:50
Explosive action trailer sound design filled with building suspense and a hi energy intense finsih. @ :06 whoosh into a laser like synth pulse. @ :21 riser starts. @ :31 synth drop. @ :40 synth pulse riser into heavy impacts with drums. @ 1:06 huge distorted synth enters. @ 1:21 start of a long riser build with fast drumming groove.
90 BPM01:47
Squealing, glitchy synth hits intro; mysterious, dark keyboard motif breaks into bombastic, brutal, rapidfire percussion, layering shrill alarms, textured FX, distant screams and massive drops.
150 BPM01:24
Explosive dark action sound design with intense hi paced energy. @ :19 synth riser into heavy impact then into another riser @:26. @ :33 rising synth pulse starts and repeats. @ :43 stutter transition. @ :54 synth riser starts. @ :58 high pitch synth rising pulse starts. @ 1:07 synth riser starts. @ 1:10 final riser into a heavy impact.
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