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114 BPM02:43
Moody electric guitars and dark hits with ambient noises create an uneasy atmosphere. Low droning synths and heavy beats build to a huge syncopated ending with drums, bass, guitar, synths, strings and choir stabs.

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100 BPM01:01
Feel the pressure build in this bone-crushing, sinister cinematic-rocker filled with pummeling drums, ominous distorted guitar riffs, dark synths and monster low-end. Tension fx push and pull with rising siren and breathtaking sound design. Gritty, powerful and MEAN! Trailer - Rock, Metal. 100 BPM. Full Mix.
110 BPM02:17
A menacing guitar intro brings in haunting sound design. Danger lurks at every corner with a high guitar hook and lo-fi drum loop. The fight or flight instinct kicks in with a tense breakdown at :57. Heavy guitars layered with scratching guitars and big drums, build to a dramatic outro. Drama - Trailer, Rock. 110 BPM. Full Mix.
90 BPM02:06
Drama - Soundtrack - Drama. Industrial cue reminiscent of the 300 soundtrack. Changes to intense build at 1:05 Med-Slow . Full Mix.
140 BPM02:40
A driving melodic, distorted synth doubled with guitars on top of epic drums, choir and strings create a sense of apocalyptic doom. A massive wall of sound swells to the cinematic finish. Drama - Rock, Suspense. 140 BPM. Full Mix.
100 BPM02:20
Dubstep meets full orchestra with brass stabs, colossal choir and huge percussion. The bass drum pulses and random percussion hits bite at you as the tension builds to an apocalyptic finish with intense guitar. Action - Thriller, Suspense. 100 BPM. Full Mix.
130 BPM02:51
Dark and tense intro punches into a gritty, menacing stabs building to a frenzy of industrial guitars, drums and synths.
120 BPM01:00
Instrumental - Cinematic. This piece is inspiring and has got the right recipe for releasing the hero in us all. Monster beats, thunderous battle drums, and an uplifting choir that will bring a rush of adrenaline. Full Mix.
0 BPM02:30
A deep space drone with pings and low booms layer with a pulsing synth, punctuated by explosive hits and an urgent alarm, building with scattered percussion, grinding together with intensity, rapidfire hits swell as the light of each star burns out.
120 BPM02:16
Mysterious, droning sound design sweeps into high guitars, bass guitar riffs, and drum loops, A bass guitar breakdown at 1:00 creates an uneasiness, before launching into massive guitars, synths and thundering drums. The beat doubles at 1:35 with frenzied percussion loops and intense, high guitars before fading into a mellow outro. Drama - Trailer, Rock. 120 BPM. Full Mix.
120 BPM04:21
Modern, Rock, Action, Epic, Distorted Guitar Stabs over Contemplative Intro, Hybrid, Guitar Breakout at 1:04, Menacing, Dark, Driving, Thunderous Hits lead into Gothic Choir @ 2:26, Vocal Stabs. Epic Rock - Hybrid Guitar Rock. Full Mix.
120 BPM02:31
Ticking percussion and ambient FX are punctuated by deep aggressive impacts, moving guitars, and driving synth pulses, rising to a memorable peak. POI @ 0:17 Bass, hits, and synth pulses begin. POI @ 0:33 Heavier hits. Texture thickens. POI @ 0:49 Deep downer into silence. POI @ 0:53 Sweep into main groove. Guitar and drums enter. POI @ 1:25 Hit decays into ambience. POI @ 1:29 Synth melody overlays groove. POI @ 2:06 Sweep into ticking recap.
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