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100 BPM02:03
A dramatic filled mysterious production track with delayed bass, and powerful drums. Suspense and danger included.

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100 BPM02:03
A dramatic filled mysterious production track with delayed bass, guitar and powerful drums. Suspense and danger included.
180 BPM02:26
Opens with moody low electronic pulses and beat driven percussion creating suspense and anticipation. A feeling of excitement and action is added with drums and guitar with a full, intense and epic sound.
120 BPM03:07
Gloomy pulsing synths give way to driving drums and airy guitars. Heavy rock guitars initiate an explosive chorus with choir and pounding percussion for a cinematic end. Drama - Suspense, Action. 120 BPM. Full Mix.
80 BPM01:53
Drama - Horror - Trailer. Watch your home smothered with flames and explosions as the children still stuck inside scream bloody murder. Horrific sound effects and building drone turn into a full fledged synthetic drum beat and sound design. Alternate Mix.
166 BPM03:17
Dark rumbling bass builds with eerie electric guitar, industrial drums and ghostly synths.
67 BPM02:12
subtly thrilling bass figure over dark chemical ambience, heartbeat-suspense-groove - F-sharp minor, 67 BPM, Full Mix
130 BPM01:16
echoing metal stabs, evil distorted electronica pulses, bubbling synth, tense pad underneath. questioning, terrifying - 130 BPM, Full Mix
102 BPM02:10
Drama - Soundtrack - Electronic. Driving synth drums and bass accompany rhythmic sound effects in a gritty, grimy, dirty exposition of electronic darkness. Full Mix.
120 BPM01:42
A somber and threatening sound combined with electronic elements. Heartbeat-like metallic percussion thumps underneath low pulsing tones and brooding, mysterious effects. Version - Full Mix
76 BPM01:50
dark, melancholic piano keys over bordun, heartbeats, mystery and suspense hovers @ 0'32. vibrating electric keyboard changes the vibe, clicking synths @ 0'45 - Full Mix
70 BPM02:11
Opener, Intro, Thriller, Mystery, Crime, Procedural, Danger, Foreboding, Subtle, Horror, Mechanical, Machinery, Drums, Low, Dark, Drone, Mystery, Background, Strings, Heist, Criminal, Relentless Drums, Methodical, Electronica, Modern, Trailer, Promo, Commercial, Underscore. Full Mix.
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