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139 BPM01:00
An upbeat positive look at things. A swirling pattern with interesting orchestral grooves. A surreal pattern accented with an atmospheric piano.

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120 BPM01:46
Uplifting and joyful, this inspirational piece soars with cascading, delayed piano and ethereal pads that create a wonderful wall of sound.
145 BPM01:02
Corporate - Rock - Moving anticipation is captured by piano, flute and percussive orchestration that transitions into a beautiful piano cluster melody with high touch musical textures. 145 bpm. 60 Second Full Mix.
120 BPM01:12
Ambient, echo piano plays a hopeful theme with sparse, sparkling synth pads playing a supportive role. Version - Full Mix
115 BPM01:26
contemplative piano ballad, layers of deep strings fading in, building in intensity, telling a neverending story about love and loss - 115 BPM, Full Mix
156 BPM02:14
A driving sense of conviction and determination dominate this hopeful, textured track.
78 BPM02:35
Warm, emotional beginning builds to an inspiring and huge anthem rock finish.
60 BPM02:29
A distant piano drifts through string swells, beautiful choir, and soundscapes. Arpeggiated piano notes and wind chimes lead by a driving keyboard accompaniment that create a subtle build to the final dramatic fade out.
110 BPM01:58
Hopeful piano dances in front of a swelling and receding synthscape and airy drone. The piano articulates a persisting positivity, dutifully checked by the more somber drone. A brief moment of respite before rolling towards a smiling conclusion.
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