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128 BPM01:38
Fresh tween dance pop tune with hooky bright witty synths, delightful animated claps, stimulating positive eletronic drums and sound effects ideal for Commercials, Sports, and Ads. Sunshiny, Peppy, Summer, Beach.

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130 BPM02:32
A summer club anthem explodes with a fun, happy EDM Electropop synth line and a pounding verse. The chorus features huge, skyscraping synth lines and a dynamic, ear-shattering back-beat.
125 BPM01:58
Uplifting modern EDM pop dance track opening with a twangy guitar riff. Followed by a very catchy ever growing synth melody. Grinding hard bass and melodic guitars make this a perfect track for TV, Film, Advertising, web etc. Drops at 0:17 and 1:09. Electronica/Dance/Techno/Club - EDM, Power/Energetic, Exercise/Fitness/Recreational, Kitsch. 125 BPM. Full Mix.
120 BPM02:49
This fresh 'n' funked up EDM/dance/disco track will put a smile on your face and a boogie in your step with playful synths, sweet guitars, cool piano, deep bass, exhilarating dance drums and hyped-up rise fx. POI at 1:21 space disco vibes combine the old with the new for a groovy feel-good outro. Go get it! Electronica/Dance/Techno/Club - EDM, Disco. 120 BPM. Full Mix.
126 BPM02:31
Electro - Pop - Dance - Club, Party. Start the party off right with sweeping filter fx, oscillating dance synth stabs, big kicks. Warm bass rounds out the low-end as the hooky melody soars above. POI @ :53 dreamy, melodic synth lead keeps you in a trance while the hypnotic rhythm commands you to groove. POI @ 1:12 breakdown to buildup with bubbling synths and breathtaking fx. Let's do this! 126 BPM. No Vocal.
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