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120 BPM02:50
mysterious and creepy fast arpeggios with dark, menacing accents, slightly building up to a menacing scenery

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119 BPM02:35
tense cinematic vibe, metal stabs, 7/8 time signature, hard hitting drum fills, percussion, stop and go action, permanently changing moods, Full Mix
130 BPM01:11
syncopated rhythm, creeping darkness, eerie. synth, electronica. dynamic. mysteriously evolving theme @ 0'25 - 130 BPM, Full Mix
60 BPM01:35
forceful distorted drum hits, eerie fx, imminent danger. strings, synth. intense, ominous - 60 BPM, Full Mix
0 BPM01:13
Act One - Synth pulse, glitchy textures, mysterious piano loops, deep percussion, sci-fi, dramatic guitar, massive hits, swirling airy whoosh out
86 BPM01:41
scary setting, huge reverberant synth thunder, stabs, metal guitar elements coming up, distorted, pending. industrial suspense scene - Full Mix
80 BPM01:00
Eerie, creaking pulses joined by ethereal synths build from terrifying desolation to dawning hope.
61 BPM02:39
heavenly orchestral textures ascending towards bright light. metal strikes. almost playful chopstick percussion torments and teases the enchanted procession, 61 BPM
120 BPM03:10
Monolith in the Desert and strange lights in the sky. Are you scared yet?
74 BPM03:01
A desolate piano melody floats over eerie ambient textures and haunting processed keyboards, ultimately escalating into crises mode with hammering hits and syncopated rock guitar layers.
100 BPM02:46
A dark and intense atmosphere is created by a sub bass and piano while a pulsating synth and low brass increase the tension. Hard hitting drums push the track forward. An electric guitar adds emphasis on the inevitable outcome. A short and thoughtful piano break starts @01:18. 100 Bpm. Full Mix.
80 BPM02:56
Sliding, Boom, Rise, FX, Synth, Strings, Drone, Percussion, Tension, Ominous, Mysterious, Airy, Ambient, Gradual, Building, Dark, Investigation, Serious, Glitchy, Brooding,
124 BPM03:06
Mysterious intro, synths, and piano give dark, yet hopeful feel. Addition of darker guitar, heavy percussion, and orchestra build to the climax of the cue. Sudden pullback toward the end leave a melancholy and emotional feel.
90 BPM02:24
High sense of tension and drama as the stakes are high and the risks great.
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