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160 BPM02:57
Soft flute intro, tinkling piano, harp & strings. Woodwind figure & percussion drives tempo.

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95 BPM02:19
Eerie xylophone supported by low brassy notes, distant percussion and strings hint at strewn clues.
120 BPM01:27
cautious ambient layers, quiet synth pulses, discreet piano, echoes flying, desperation is all around - Full Mix
67 BPM01:56
Electronic beats melodramatically sound like a sound that calls for technology and science. The orchestra is full of suspense and yet highly spherical - pure suspense. 67 BPM. Full mix.
81 BPM02:08
Robotic soundscape
134 BPM01:47
percussive quarter note pulse, noise floor, effected clouds of synth, tense, inscreasing, dangerous. a hint of melancholy and despair resonating - 134.20 BPM, Full Mix
79 BPM02:10
Dark and deep with an undertow of cutting ambience. Huge beats carry bright, other worldly piano, and pulsing orchestral elements push towards a fading finish. Atmospheric - Suspense, Fantasy, Sci-Fi. 79 BPM. Full Mix.
120 BPM00:51
horror piano cluster, bass, electronica, synth, fx. eerie setting, stealthy scheming - 120 BPM, Full Mix
105 BPM02:21
Disturbing Cinematic Hip Hop piece with gruesome sound effects, terrifying synths, ghoulish piano, and poppin' Latin percussion with a menacing undertone. Created that macabre tension in any Film, Telenovela, Reality TV, or Program. Nightmarish, Dreadful, Frightful, Gripping.
110 BPM01:42
urgent drum fills, ominous darkness lurking, haunted, eerie mystery, climax at the very end @ 1'36. wandering through time and space, 110 BPM, Full Mix
88 BPM01:54
Drama - Horror - Trailer. Let this cue take you to the fringe of sanity as your mind is overwhelmed with obsessions and phobias. Reversed electric guitar lines are followed by hard industrial drums. Alternate Mix.
78 BPM02:51
Trapped in a labyrinth full of piano's and percussion.
93 BPM01:39
Foreboding bells toll into a hazy mist of eerie string ambience and ominous percussion while a freakish bowed kemenche melody slowly stems from the terror.
160 BPM01:35
Light and echoing piano theme leads into an ominous build with ghostly electric guitar tones, swelling low orchestral strings, and mounting percussion. Version - Full Mix
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