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82 BPM01:00
Electronica - Pop. In the pocket down low groove with all the swagger of a psychadelic space walk. Classy hipness with a hint of jazz includes upright bass, muted guitar, brass and keys accents... and funky beat, of course. Full Mix.

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92 BPM02:09
Dim the lights and drop the disco ball with this '70s-style psychedelic jam, grooving with choppy riffs and trippy washed-out guitars, bouncy drums, laid-back bass, echoey electric piano chords, and spacey bells. Great for ads, trailers, and reality TV. Sexy, Retro, Psychedelic, Dreamy, Romantic.
83 BPM02:01
Urban - Funk and Soul - 1960s, 1970s, Retro. You's da bomb with this funky retro cue. The poppin' bass, effected guitars and tambourines create a fun, urban strut vibe. Over the top modulation and increased intensity from 1:31 to the end. 83 BPM. Full Mix.
118 BPM02:09
118 BPM02:09
Grinding, swinging 60's inspired funk.
112 BPM01:01
Yo yo all you hepcats! Get hip to this super fresh 'n' funked-up psychedelic swinger, bejeweled with slick bass, trippy synths, bangin' wah-wah, keys and GROOVY rockin' drums laying down a seriously infectious BOOGIE! #2Cool #Summer
114 BPM02:12
Rock - Classic. A touch of 'rosmith featuring a 'Walk this Way' style groove with a break down at 1:27. Full Mix
93 BPM02:18
determined but druggy. dubbed beat bounces over a sliced string section, one-string baritone slide-guitar wailing in the distance, G minor, 93 BPM
110 BPM02:35
Take the edge off with a catchy groove and shake your troubles away with this funky '70s style jam, featuring colorful rhodes, bright guitar, bouncy drums, and grooving bass. Great for ads, trailers, and reality TV. Dance, Groovy, Happy, Upbeat, Retro, Night.
72 BPM02:49
This deep pocket gritty blues groove takes it slow and easy with hip-rolling grooves and subtle cajun nuances.
110 BPM01:52
110 BPM01:52
Retro road music with a criminally funky twist! Soulful old school Hip-Hop beats roll beneath an infectious, dirty organ riff. The energy builds steadily when the bass line drops, but doesn't stop there. Pop. 110 BPM. Full.
79 BPM01:02
Oh yeah! Slip and slide with this dreamy, super-fly funk track slithering with sexy bass, spacey synths, smooth keys, fresh wah-wah and trippy fx, all movin' and groovin' over laidback drums! Deep, moody and INTOXICATING! #Funk4Real #SpaceFunk
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