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98 BPM00:34
Drama - Soundtrack. With bells and percussion moving around in odd time (7/8), the blas which gives way to the very uneasy feel of 4/4 time on top of the established odd time. 30 Second Mix.

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100 BPM01:18
A serious music bed with dynamic synth and string themes, intense percussion and ambient effects. Version - Full Mix
100 BPM01:58
Action - Trailer - Action, Adventure. Eerie textures, haunting piano, swelling strings fx swirl around building an uneasy, mysterious atmosphere that creeps up slowly building tension and danger. POI @ 1:07 dark and hypnotic groove emerges with steady drums, tight bass oscillating synths and soaring strings to light your way on this Dangerous Path! 100 BPM. Full Mix
76 BPM01:31
slowly creeping synth pads over twilight bass pulse, international intrigue, dramatic, subtle tension, crime thriller, 76 BPM, Full Mix
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