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80 BPM02:17
Urban - Jazz. Some great blues playing features on this slow yet funny track. Full Mix

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100 BPM02:05
Urban - Jazz. Clapton/steely Dan styled retro layback groove from the 70's. Full Mix
98 BPM03:15
Blues - Delta. Minor blues with strong electric guitar melody and Hammond B3 accompaniment. Full Mix
198 BPM02:20
Vintage blues with a heavy, slow rock vibe. Mellow organ builds tension while the guitar does all the talking in a story of love and heartbreak. Blues - Rock, Slow Rock. 198 BPM. Full Mix
84 BPM02:22
Swelling B3 organ with syncopated hits on the turn around and tight drums with a 16th note hi hat feel set the mood. Funky bass keeps things light hearted and fun with an upbeat, scratchy guitar lead with syncopated hits. You'll feel the groove and want to get out and move. Put this tune on the radio and get out in the sun. Blues - Funk. 84 BPM. Full Mix
100 BPM02:08
Urban - Funk. Jazz guitar intro to a flange funky rhythm. Full Mix
100 BPM02:32
Blues - Delta. Medium tempo blues ballad with guitar melody influences, small rhythm section and Hammond B3. Full Mix
98 BPM00:33
Blues - Bluesy chart with an electric guitar lead with a little edge and attitude. Medium. Full Mix.
95 BPM02:09
Corporate - Technology. Fun, bluesy rock quartet with solos. Full Mix. 95 bpm.
83 BPM02:47
Moody 1970s progressive rock organ guitars male vocals
53 BPM06:02
Moving Stratocaster rock jazz ballad with vocal and violin like guitar tones. Rich with dynamic extremes. Instrumental. Main version.
89 BPM02:36
A bluesy instrumental with drums, upright bass, acoustic guitar making up the medium tempo groove, while electric guitar takes the lead role. At :43, an additional electric guitar adds to the mix, with short conversational statements between the two ele. Version - Full Mix
98 BPM00:33
Blues - Americana, Jingles. Slow to medium, melancholy blues. Mourning for a lost love. 98 BPM. Full Mix
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