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104 BPM03:47
Corporate - Pop. Mysterious beats with a feel of technology. Full Mix

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105 BPM02:18
Dramatic - Ambient - Atmospheric. A walk alone, a lost friend, long forgotten love. Remembering that it's all part of the good fight. Full Mix.
77 BPM02:29
Sultry and mysterious tones ooze from this deep, downtempo groove filled with sexy wah guitar, smooth bass, delayed keys and vox fx that push and pull over a killer loungy beat. POI at :53 spacious break with wah guitar and trippy fx give you a quick breather only to kick back in with the main theme to ride the sweet shadowy groove all night. Easy Listening - New Age, Lounge. 77 BPM. Full Mix.
109 BPM02:31
Laid-back funky soul trip. Version - Full Mix
88 BPM03:13
Medium tempo chilled trekking feel
130 BPM03:00
Hints of world music and ghostly piano coalesce with a cinematic feel, creating a nostalgic and moody chilled out experience. Electronica - Vocal, Atmospheric, Chill out. 130 BPM. Full Mix.
150 BPM02:04
Dance & Electronica - Corporate - Atmospheric, Club, Lifestyle, Fashion. Full Mix. BPM 150.
90 BPM02:03
Urban - Trip Hop. For film noir in 2125, exotic and otherworldly pulsing with a slight feeling that we're all under water and in the dark. Not quite trip hop, with effects that allude to potential foreign intrigue. Full Mix.
90 BPM03:08
Mid tempo techno groove with synth and guitar, bell and vocal elements. Electronica - Vocal, Atmospheric, Chill out. 90 BPM. Full Mix.
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