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100 BPM01:01
Drama - Soundtrack. Ghastly vocal sweeps fly about every once in a while. This pushy and driving track stays relatively anti-climatic, while an oboe dances around the proud brass section. Perfect for long strategy sessions or dream sequences. 60 Second Alternate Mix. 60 Second Alternate Mix.

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70 BPM02:25
Unexpected encounter, piano concert
85 BPM01:02
Musical scene, excited, disorder,moving theatre scene
110 BPM02:45
Medium slow tempo uneasy sad atmosphere featuring strings woodwind and piano
60 BPM02:24
Expectation, anticipation, orchestra, piano concert
96 BPM01:19
Psycho scene, shimmery
104 BPM01:02
Prophecy, 1990-2000, solo violin, accordeon
66 BPM03:08
Slow tempo moody mysterious pastoral winter feel harsh passages orchestral features strings
66 BPM00:59
Very delicate scene, love scene, solo cello, solo oboe, devoted
70 BPM00:51
Gripping scene, solo cello, solo clarinet, shocking scene
90 BPM03:29
Slow tempo broad sombre sad feel pastoral modern classical strings flute and French horn
65 BPM00:49
Flying, sailing, paragliding, ballooning , spacious, light
60 BPM00:53
Sorrow of love, solo violin, solo cello, lovesick, love story
100 BPM02:10
deep brass creeps along the enigmatic trail with strings and woodwinds in suspense. solemn, perplexing, mysterious, C minor, 100 BPM
100 BPM01:23
Isolation, positive, seclusion
60 BPM03:12
This track is reminiscent of the great James Bond theme, with oriental colors peppered throughout.
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