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172 BPM02:49
No orchestra.

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172 BPM02:49
Dark and heroic. Modern orchestral hybrid. The noble heroes are falling. Massive percussion grooves emerge from a mournful wash of piano and strings, growing to a bombastic final climax. Glimpses of courageous brass flicker throughout. POI @ 0:17 First piano chord. POI @ 0:50 Violins rise to the front. POI @ 1:02 Slow riser cuts to silence. Glitchy artifacts peek through the reverb. POI @ 1:10 Slow riser and percussive impacts lead into anthemic groove. POI @ 1:48 Massive climax rings out. POI @ 1:55 Heavy sustains are punctuated by crushing percussive impacts, pushing to a peak. POI @ 2:33 Brass swell into final low impact.
78 BPM02:38
Ambience pads, deep dooming drones, climbing string staccatos. Wide-open space. Moving between universes, seemingly slow yet at the speed of light. Huge accelerations, thunderous cinematic drums. Limitless expansion, 78 BPM
133 BPM03:06
Out of a landscape of ethereal pads and strings, a mountain rises. Forceful percussion combines with driving strings and majestic brass, propelling the piece to the peak. POI @ 0:17 Rise into massive impact. POI @ 0:35 oscillating swell into heavy brass braam. Synth pulses enter. POI @ 0:50 Strings enter softly, gradually building in intensity and volume. POI @ 1:19 Strings push the texture to a high peak, ringing into silence. POI @ 1:37 Riser and percussion fill lead into massive groove. POI @ 1:56 Dissonant brass lines add tension. POI @ 2:31 Rings out into silence.
110 BPM02:37
Enigma. Distant bursts. Classical strings emanating. Exciting pulses soaring, angel voices, dubstep reverse fx. Thundering cinematic drums pushing the boundaries of magic irreversibly, 110 BPM
115 BPM03:03
Majestic and heroic. Modern orchestral hybrid. Grandiose melodic lines and energetic cascades of strings capture the splendor of a sweeping vista, and the amazing energy of flight. Deep percussion impacts punctuate rich brass melodies, and expansive piano and strings, accented by flourishes of rippling strings and choir. POI @ 0:16 Strings join the piano melody. POI @ 0:50 Massive percussive hit as the brass and choir begin to emerge. POI @ 1:12 High riser and deep a impact kick off a driving string rhythm. POI @ 1:31 Rippling string arpeggios cascade over heavy brass sustains. POI @ 2:02 High riser reverberates out. POI @ 2:10 Riser builds to massive downbeat, building to an anthemic ending. POI @ 2:50 Final mellow boom.
84 BPM02:13
Ominous piano motifs build with colossal orchestra and monumental slams to conjure a dark, foreboding scene filled with epic drama.
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