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138 BPM02:47
Slightly mysterious and nostalgic beginning builds to darker heavy anthem rock finish with male vocal.

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120 BPM02:40
Echoing piano, sparse filtering drum programming and strings create an ambient, atmospheric sound with a peaceful, hopeful frontier.
150 BPM02:34
Pulsing synthesizers creating a mellow groove with building electronic percussion and electric guitar adding dark overtones.
60 BPM02:05
The pleasant aspects of the nature of the world radiate from atmospheric synth pads and effects along with subtle piano melodies in this ambient post rock track. Version - Full
110 BPM02:16
Warmth and light surround in this glowing theme, featuring passionate strings, warm synths, dreamy piano, sparse guitar, and modern synth drums. Great for Trailers, Reality TV, and ads. Flowing. Positive. Warm. Passionate. Curious. Relieving. Peaceful.
136 BPM02:34
Melancholy piano chords expand with emotive strings and electronic beats.
110 BPM03:05
Sink into this contemplative ethereal piano theme, featuring roaming piano, deep and cosmic synths, heavy pads, and mesmerizing synth drums. Great for Trailers, Ads, and Reality TV. Profound. Thoughtful. Evocative. Dark. Grave. Mystical. Dreamy.
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