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172 BPM02:49
No choir.

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172 BPM02:49
Dark and heroic. Modern orchestral hybrid. The noble heroes are falling. Massive percussion grooves emerge from a mournful wash of piano and strings, growing to a bombastic final climax. Glimpses of courageous brass flicker throughout. POI @ 0:17 First piano chord. POI @ 0:50 Violins rise to the front. POI @ 1:02 Slow riser cuts to silence. Glitchy artifacts peek through the reverb. POI @ 1:10 Slow riser and percussive impacts lead into anthemic groove. POI @ 1:48 Massive climax rings out. POI @ 1:55 Heavy sustains are punctuated by crushing percussive impacts, pushing to a peak. POI @ 2:33 Brass swell into final low impact.
124 BPM02:59
Subtle strings and guitar create a sense of wonder in the opening, with building layers of choir, drums, brass, strings, synths and effects entering to emphasize courage and perseverance in this powerful trailer cue. Version - Full
115 BPM03:03
Majestic and heroic. Modern orchestral hybrid. Grandiose melodic lines and energetic cascades of strings capture the splendor of a sweeping vista, and the amazing energy of flight. Deep percussion impacts punctuate rich brass melodies, and expansive piano and strings, accented by flourishes of rippling strings and choir. POI @ 0:16 Strings join the piano melody. POI @ 0:50 Massive percussive hit as the brass and choir begin to emerge. POI @ 1:12 High riser and deep a impact kick off a driving string rhythm. POI @ 1:31 Rippling string arpeggios cascade over heavy brass sustains. POI @ 2:02 High riser reverberates out. POI @ 2:10 Riser builds to massive downbeat, building to an anthemic ending. POI @ 2:50 Final mellow boom.
60 BPM02:16
Reverberant pads and swells echo into a rising wall of pulsing strings, fierce brass, crushing percussion, and warping FX. POI @ 0:15 Downer into strings entrance. POI @ 0:48 Strings rise to the top over deep brass swells. POI @ 1:07 Breathy FX melt into massive downer. POI @ 1:12 Percussion groove resumes with even more intensity . POI @ 1:52 Massive ending, led by strings. Warping FX and deep repeating impacts echo out into silence.
140 BPM03:29
Heroic and exciting. Modern orchestral hybrid. Majestic and urgent. Anthemic brass lines radiate over layers of rhythmic strings, searing FX, deep percussion, and colossal choir. POI @ 0:30 First percussion roll. Strings rise to the front. POI @ 0:44 Choir and brass enter. POI @ 0:57 Deep boom reverberates out. POI @ 0:59 Searing riser build into massive downbeat. Driving string rhythms begin. POI @ 1:32 Anthemic brass melody begins. POI @ 1:45 Choir joins the brass. POI @ 2:01 Searing riser and percussion roll build to a massive impacting downbeat. POI @ 3:13 Final low boom and string sustains fade away.
134 BPM02:09
A tense, minimal piano intro with tense string swells and high pings sweeps with a lush orchestra and driving synth ostinatos, building with driving percussion to an emotional and sophisticated climax.
106 BPM02:32
Blaring brass themes and passionate choral arrangements lift up hope while powerful percussion and edgy effects remind of the danger at hand in this exciting trailer cue. Version - Full
124 BPM02:37
Introspective piano motif echoes over twinkling synths and chiming guitars for an emotional intro; lush strings swell with huge percussion and heroic brass; soaring, glorious choir drives the back end to ultimate heights of inspiration
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