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103 BPM02:13
Steady driving rock tune with occasional confident claps and light cymbal taps. Fuzzy rowdy guitars and psychedelic organ.

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105 BPM02:31
Soul Pop infused with R&B and funky jazz featuring a bluesy rhodes melody, brass hits and clavinet on top of a rocking rhythm groove.
124 BPM04:21
Drums set off a funky psychedelic groove joined by guitar and bass at :09. Aggressive tightly synced funky R&B. Instrumental. Main Version.
104 BPM01:12
A jazzy, mysterious theme reminiscent of a classic jazz tune. Emotional, soaring guitar leads the way. Instrumental. Main version.
100 BPM02:22
Confidently brazen retro pop. Brass and guitar lead hook-line with funky drums. Laid-back, picked guitar from 0:24
95 BPM00:57
Rock - Pop. Rocking electric guitar riffs and fast paced drum beat creates a feeling of rushing and pushing forward to the future. Full Mix.
96 BPM02:19
Rock - Alternative - Blues. Electrified Blues Explosion! This down and dirty rocker will pump you up with it's gritty guitars, bombastic drums and distorted bass. Blues energy infects the air with every bar. POI @ 1:00 The mood changes to an ascending anthemic rock vibe for a moment only to dive right back into the blues-rock fury. Turn it up! 96 bpm. Full Mix.
90 BPM02:52
Rare positive Blues track
107 BPM03:17
Rock - Americana. This tune has so much energy it might just rub off on you if you're lucky. Happy grooving electric guitars with enthusiastic drums will not disappoint this smiling moment. Mellows at :59. Synth section that is from a differet galaxy at 1:54. Full Mix.
94 BPM02:08
Dirty and funkadocious beat with cut & paste horns. More swagger than Mick Jagger.
122 BPM01:44
Hard-hitting, dominating guitars jump all over a popping, serious drum groove. Energetic and aggressive, it's hard not to clap along with this upbeat groove. Version - Full Mix
111 BPM02:06
Watch me now! Get loose with this feel-good, soul/rock party-pleaser grooving with lively drums, riffing guitars, funky R&B bass and playful male vocals. POI @ 1:09 step back as the guitar-man starts a fire on the fretboard! Uh-huh! Commercials - Rock - Soul - Promo, Dance. 111 BPM. Full Mix.
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