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110 BPM01:46
Main Version - Modern hybrid with electric guitar and pulsing underscore.

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75 BPM01:06
Faint whining synth sets the stage for probing bass and menacing cello. The bass walks around, trying to find the cello which stays disguised, leaving the bass to search in the darkness.
132 BPM02:34
Main Version - Pusling beat with synthetic strings, weird sounds and reverse guitars, tension underscore.
76 BPM01:16
dark, synthetic layers. piano, strings, percussion @ 0'27. rising. monstrous footstep-like drum stabs @ 0'49 - Full Mix
90 BPM01:54
Heavy sub-bass hits and breathing percussion punctuates mysterious marimba and reverse guitar effects.
100 BPM01:07
suspicious drone layer with aggressive distorted percussion, bass pulse @ 0'22, distant drums coming in @ 0'38, unsettling noises breaking through the nightly silence, 100 BPM, Full Mix
90 BPM01:08
Drama - Suspense. Synth drone with space sweeps and rhythmic pulses. Full Mix.
100 BPM02:21
dark drone in the distance, nervous stabs and strings. climax @ 2'08. better leave this case alone, 100 BPM, Full Mix
120 BPM02:14
Distorted, cold electric guitar & eerie, tense synth introduce heartbeat thudding percussion & disturbing, scary atmospheres. Mysterious & strange
75 BPM02:38
Moody tension evoking a dark, critical moment.
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