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132 BPM02:34
Main Version - Pusling beat with synthetic strings, weird sounds and reverse guitars, tension underscore.

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146 BPM04:06
Main Version - Synthetic out-of-space Intro with piano leading to Impacts, pulsing beat with strange chords.
76 BPM01:16
dark, synthetic layers. piano, strings, percussion @ 0'27. rising. monstrous footstep-like drum stabs @ 0'49 - Full Mix
100 BPM01:04
cold, obscure atmosphere. calm, dark, stealthy. percussion, cello section, electronica pulses, synth, piano. melodic episode @ 0'24 - 100 BPM, Full Mix
60 BPM01:47
fierce drums and heavy gravelly bass break into silence. creepy strings, eerie sounds, wobbling, ringing, knife colliding with metal, constant pulse, a feeling of panic and hostility - 60 BPM, Full Mix
69 BPM01:36
atmospheric guitar pad for sad and melancholic moments. a broken heart, an empty mind. the mood is meandering through this track with the change of instrumentation, 69 BPM, Full Mix
60 BPM01:33
creepy e-piano, sparse, buzzing electricity, strange sound clouds whirring around and bouncing off the walls, weird atmosphere - 60 BPM, Full Mix
70 BPM01:25
dull electronic percussion pulse, dark, lurking. deep horror string textures, agonized synth pads. dynamic, suspenseful - 70 BPM, Full Mix
110 BPM01:13
distorted swells, drums, eerie fx. arcane atmosphere with psychedelic synth arpeggio underlay, piano on top - 110 BPM, Full Mix
98 BPM02:01
Main Version - Tension orchestra, dark with synthetic elements and rhythmic strings.
85 BPM01:34
arcane sun-dried setting, vague percussion, hazy pad. deep bass accents, mysterious piano @ 0'40 - 85 BPM, Full Mix
60 BPM01:59
neutrally moving pattern, highly concentrated with a change of direction @ 0'41. strings and synth hybrid, 60 BPM, Full Mix
129 BPM01:14
hitting industrial drum and metal sfx intro, some eastern ethnic percussion, merciless action-loaded atmosphere, Full Mix
120 BPM01:04
mysterious, building metallic percussion beat with rips and synth stabs, climax @ 0'57. a wrong decision can involve you with the absolutely wrong people, 120 BPM, Full Mix
88 BPM02:08
droning pad, eerie sound design, very dark and distant timpani @ 0'25. piano arpeggio sneaking in @ 0'39. forceful stab @1'15 and @ 2'05 - Full Mix
110 BPM01:46
Main Version - Modern hybrid with electric guitar and pulsing underscore.
100 BPM01:12
dark, lurking intro, synth, piano. rising. drums @ 0'27, guitar and strings joining in, pulsing. dangerous, energetic feel - 100 BPM, Full Mix
101 BPM01:13
ominous synth textures with bass pattern and disastrous drum fills, hope is fading with every second - 101 BPM, Full Mix
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