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120 BPM01:27
cautious ambient layers, quiet synth pulses, discreet piano, echoes flying, desperation is all around - Full Mix

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140 BPM01:24
piano theme passing through different stages. calm and lonely - floating - disturbing with a pulsing synth - concerned with electronic drums - hopefully all is well - Full Mix
120 BPM03:02
Main Version - Bowed guitar with electronic sounds, pulsing vibraphone and rhythmic middle part, piano theme with distorted synthesizer.
120 BPM01:26
slow building synth layers, sharp hesitant piano chords, mysterious flutters, constant tapping percussion, sharp screeches towards the end - Full Mix
69 BPM01:36
atmospheric guitar pad for sad and melancholic moments. a broken heart, an empty mind. the mood is meandering through this track with the change of instrumentation, 69 BPM, Full Mix
160 BPM02:57
Soft flute intro, tinkling piano, harp & strings. Woodwind figure & percussion drives tempo.
100 BPM01:27
mysterious piano pattern, build @ 0'43, assembling information, forensic analysis, adding new facts to the investigation, 100 BPM, Full Mix
90 BPM01:54
Tension builds with high pitched notes and spooky piano that leads to a reveal.
86 BPM03:16
Main Version - Piano theme with strange sounds, prepared piano, double bass, electronica with bowed guitar, metal impacts.
100 BPM01:07
suspicious drone layer with aggressive distorted percussion, bass pulse @ 0'22, distant drums coming in @ 0'38, unsettling noises breaking through the nightly silence, 100 BPM, Full Mix
128 BPM01:18
dark drone under mysterious strings, serious piano chords, sharp synth shots, gaining movement @ 0'29. urgent electric keyboard @ 0'48 - Full Mix
76 BPM01:16
dark, synthetic layers. piano, strings, percussion @ 0'27. rising. monstrous footstep-like drum stabs @ 0'49 - Full Mix
95 BPM01:59
Pensive and hopeful track, filled with lush synth textures and pads.
58 BPM02:08
When the forensics come back and the news is heartbreaking. When they can't get a match because the evidence was tainted. When the cue is filled with sorrow and all hope is lost, there is Tainted Evidence. Deep mournful strings, lite percussion grooves and simply somber melodies. Sadly, this case will remain unsolved.
80 BPM02:14
Sorrowful and heavy track featuring strings and synths. Full of loss and remorse.
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