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105 BPM03:13
Science and technology are sounded in an ambience that lifts weightlessly and magically. Experimental yet light - minimalistically reflective with a tempi that makes us float. Whether psycho thrills, awakening nature or fantasy and science - the uncanny sets the tone here. 105 BPM. Full mix.

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70 BPM03:26
soft sequencer in mysterious analog drift, gravitating through fluffy clouds, touching the edge of melody. some bleepy electronica generating bliss, D minor, 70 BPM
150 BPM02:29
150 BPM02:29
Threatening tension ominously throbs amid a bubbling swirl of synthesis. You can feel the danger, but you're going to have to hold on to till the end to find out what's in store! Gripping, tense electronica with mysterious, melodic flourishes!
140 BPM02:36
Cluster of sound manipulation. Nature led field recordings merged with cathartic beats offer a hazy equilibrium.
92 BPM03:14
Mysterious and delicate ambient electro featuring organic analogue synths and a hypnotic rhythm by acclaimed sound designer Ian Sanderson composer of the seminal Cuckooland sample series used by among others Jean Michel Jarre
60 BPM02:20
psychedelic infra bass dub collage, 60 BPM, Full Mix
137 BPM02:43
137 BPM02:43
A tension building track from start to finish. The mood escalates as a reoccurring melody drives the suspense higher and higher. Dark and tantalising elements creep in as the piece progresses to its sinister conclusion! Electronic - Ambient. 137 BPM. Full.
84 BPM02:26
Electronic - Corporate. Lots of floaty, effected synths are tied together by a bubbly percussion. Moments of revelation keep popping up amidst the pulse and throb of an engineers workshop. Subtle weirdness abounds, but never gets in the way. Full Mix. Full Mix.
115 BPM02:35
Disquieted, spacious tension with futuristic instrumentation builds to a powerful conclusion!
86 BPM03:16
Positive - Corporate, Technology. Ambient, vast and spacey. Binary dreamscape. Full Mix
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