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98 BPM01:27
secretive undercover scheme with mysteriously dark synth bubbles and drifting pad under a sad and dramatic piano melody - 98 BPM, Full Mix

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65 BPM01:33
cloudy, sad, soft drone, piano, strings, percussion. bitter fate - 65 BPM, Full Mix
70 BPM02:19
Ethereal feel with rippling piano notes over darker electronic textures. Pulsing SFX percussion suggests a heartbeat and ending.
120 BPM01:45
Despairing and depressed piano tones wander as string swells and mysterious ambient effects offer emotional support. Version - Full Mix
110 BPM02:11
Awe inspiring strings immerse you into a magical experience where wondrous emotive piano and warm minimal sfx harmoniously coexist.
120 BPM02:32
Haunting piano notes and harp are joined by gentle strings as mysteries unfold. Spooky 'breathiness' implies whispered secrecy.
96 BPM02:32
Questioning piano and strings become more positive mid-way, beat picks up like information unfolding, then questions it again.
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