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100 BPM01:07
suspicious drone layer with aggressive distorted percussion, bass pulse @ 0'22, distant drums coming in @ 0'38, unsettling noises breaking through the nightly silence, 100 BPM, Full Mix

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76 BPM01:16
dark, synthetic layers. piano, strings, percussion @ 0'27. rising. monstrous footstep-like drum stabs @ 0'49 - Full Mix
73 BPM02:01
hushed spooky drone layer inducing fear and suspense with hollow synth jabs, echo pulses @ 1'13 initiating action - 73 BPM, Full Mix
90 BPM01:08
Drama - Suspense. Synth drone with space sweeps and rhythmic pulses. Full Mix.
0 BPM01:09
Specialty - Sound Design. Synth drone with suspense space sweeps and rhythmic pulses. Full Mix.
111 BPM01:17
hypnotic tension bed with horror fx rips and swells, alarming, percussive development @ 0'38, drums coming in @ 1'02, one mistake could ruin everything, Full Mix
120 BPM01:00
a spooky atmosphere of drum hits, stabs, dark growling synths and creepy piano chords echoing. melodic fragments. stop and go. tense, lurking - 120 BPM, Full Mix
69 BPM01:36
atmospheric guitar pad for sad and melancholic moments. a broken heart, an empty mind. the mood is meandering through this track with the change of instrumentation, 69 BPM, Full Mix
120 BPM00:50
huge explosive stabs, darkening drone pad, agitated metal percussion @ 0'14 introducing masculine action feel, 120 BPM, Full Mix
100 BPM00:55
obscure, arcane, building. tense setting. string movements, bubbling electronica, synth, bass drum. the strange feeling of being watched - 100 BPM, Full Mix
105 BPM02:56
sinister drone intro, tense atmosphere, percussion @ 0'22, developing, active beat @ 1'16, atmospheric interlude @ 1'50, electronic beat entering @ 2'11. varying moods, Full Mix
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