Olympic Games Special: Epic Trailer Tracks

Olympic Games Special:  Epic Trailer Tracks


90 BPM02:40
Unnerving pulses and organic percussion grow with majestic vocals and dramatic strings to conjure wondrous and epic determination.
119 BPM01:36
Pulsating strings soaring steadily with strong force above a deep gritty drone. Piano droplets, dubstep decelerations. Legendary climactic choir, emotional screaming rock guitars. The pursuit is on, E minor, 119 BPM
76 BPM02:37
Dark and mysterious intro leads right into the chorus. Break @00:57 followed by second verse. This track keeps growing in intensity and becoming huge an epic. Featuring marching drums throughout the song and unfolding dramatic strings @01:35. 76 Bpm. Full Mix.
125 BPM02:18
Massive brass stings punctuate a mysterious orchestral texture followed by a racing fun epic action cue. @ :17 Epic orchestra stings. @ :45 starts a dramatic rise into a climax and dropout. @ :51 Determined orchestral action track begins with giant drum hits that builds to a dropout and riser @ 1:07. @ 1:10 the action kicks into hi gear with a galloping rhythm that constantly builds to a climax @ 1:47. Dropout leads to a burst of intense action and massive dramatic chords @ 1:49 followed by another brief break and riser leading to a final intense series of hits and rises @ 1:57. Final hit and ringout chord @ 2:05
120 BPM02:29
serious fuzz guitar attack with a dominant 4-to-the-floor kick drum beat, breaks, vibrational dubstep fx. masculine. riding the highway. coolness. freedom. independency, B minor, 120 BPM
160 BPM01:38
highly energetic hybrid orchestra with dubstep elements, huge fx and drum hits, thrilling string cascades, fateful choir 1'09. rising epically - E minor, 160 BPM, Full Mix
120 BPM03:00
dynamic dark trailer-pop anthem featuring "you are a hero" male vocals, gigantic drums and drama strings. walking through the blazing flames, cinematic feeling of the 80's - 120 BPM, Full Mix
130 BPM01:44
serious 7/4 piano riff dramatically persevering onward, pulsating dulled strings, dramatic drums, brave brass. sensational, warm, building courageously. an absolutely epic choir enters @ 0'39, E major, 130 BPM
85 BPM02:52
Powerful hybrid trailer track with energetic mid tempo rhythm. Bold orchestral lead with heavy drums, distorted guitar and beat accompaniment. 85 BPM. Full mix.
140 BPM01:39
huge resonant stabs, gritty drone pulse. persistent bass drum, domineering, mechanical. dubstep breaks and electric spiralling drops. building. grand heroic orchestral movements & metal drums breaking free @ 0'30 muscular, glorious, adventurous. intense choir joins @ 1'12, B-flat minor, 140 BPM
150 BPM02:07
Serious sense of ambition and drive to the fore, and the mood is one of ever pushing forwards.
130 BPM01:33
Competition megalomania. A gated, absolutely epic choir, seriously grinding drones, full dominance orchestral string staccatos, heroic brass, cinematic drum explosions. Euphoric. Courageously building. Insane dubstep breaks, E minor, 130 BPM
126 BPM02:20
Dramatic intro with distorted guitar riff and heavy piano chords. Thrilling story of a broken soul and his inner conflicts. Drop @01:30 leading into the epic finale with strings, brass and huge drums. 126 BPM. Full Mix.
140 BPM01:47
Orchestra with traditional Asian music influences and melodies. Low cello over a drone drags the front out with bell FX and low drone vocals. The track then shifts with added percussion and a steady melody. Drums start to lightly pound at :56 while long. Version - Full Mix
140 BPM02:49
Pulsing percussion, searing trailer slams and emotive voices build with incredible intensity, conjuring pivotal and unfathomable drama.
96 BPM03:43
meaningful piano chords, slow gliding cello section, string pulse, gentle, becoming stronger, more forceful, building, lifting to eternal glory. monumental choir joins @ 2'43, E major, 96 BPM
75 BPM03:27
Sad, defeated strings & synths build with intense drums to emotional horn melody & powerful theme. Companion to 2FM003 Challenges & Achievements
120 BPM02:21
Thrilling hybrid trailer track with great energy and motivational feel. String lead and beat/drum accompaniment. 120 BPM. Full mix.
80 BPM02:36
The song opens with cool and confident rock vocals. Heavy drums drop within the chorus @00:40. Rough and dark atmosphere with plenty of synths. Breaks @01:07 and 01:47. Epic and dramatic finale featuring an unexpected soaring falsetto. 80 Bpm. Full Mix.
150 BPM01:41
large systematic clanging metals. majestic string cascades, a sense of greatness. synth swells, gritty dubstep pulses and spiralling falls. choir comes in @ 1'04 taking us to an epic climax, C minor, 150 BPM
192 BPM02:39
Intrigue filled East Asian instruments build with colossal percussion and epic strings to an emotional and heroic finale, filled with hope and wonder.
76 BPM01:35
A melancholy track from the Orient with percussion, dramatic orchestral strings and female vocals. Erhu and koto are slowly joined by electric guitar, haunting vocals and occasional percussion hits. Orchestral strings help build the track along with gro. Version - Full Mix
70 BPM02:48
Epic orchestral underscore building into driving victorious theme. POI :27 Low hits and string swells begin. POI @ :48 Orchestra begins gradual dramatic climb. POI @ 1:25 Orchestra swells to dramatic suspension. POI @ 1:36 Epic percussion swells into glorious, courageous orchestral theme. POI @ 2:25 Rhythmic orchestral hits climb to thrilling suspension highlighted by sound design. POI @ 2:35 Riser into dramatic brass braams. POI @ 2:40 Final hit accented by an overwhelming, furious roar. Trailer - Orchestral - Theme. 70 BPM. Full mix.
154 BPM02:25
laid-back high-energy guitars and drums merge with manic gritty dubstep fx elements. firey modern southern-rock style with an aggressive, masculine attitude, F-sharp minor, 154 BPM
100 BPM01:20
This percussive track is aggressive, huge and driving. Perfect for trailers and sports use.
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