The Curious Case of the Hotel Crooked

The Curious Case of the Hotel Crooked
Volume AM84
Titel The Curious Case of the Hotel Crooked
Beschreibung Here at our several-star hotel, we offer only the most luxurious amenities - such as dry beds and breakfast almost every Tuesday. For your continued well-being, please refrain from exiting your room past sundown, making eye contact with other guests, and asking any manner of question while on the premises. Oh, and do avoid using the swimming pool, as something seems to be living in it. Now, unpack and unwind to the sound of plucked strings, spectral woodwind and ticklish percussion. Welcome to the Hotel Crooked! We hope you enjoy your stay.
Ursprüngliches Erscheinungsdatum 23. Juni 2022
Tracks 12
Label Audiomachine

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